Avast antivirus review. Functions. Advantages.

Avast! is an antivirus software designed for Windows, Linux, Mac OS operating systems. It is also designed for pocket PC powered by Palm, Android, and Windows CE. It is an AVAST company development, founded in 1991 in Czechoslovakia.

Avast antivirus review

This antivirus software is distinguished by its simplicity and high operation speed in malicious software, viruses, spies, worms, rootkits and others detection. Avast! is not notable for high system resources requirements, that is why it can be installed on almost any personal computer. Official avast website – www.avast.com

Main avast antivirus functions.

Avast! Pro Antivirus includes SecureDNS function, that prevents from automatic readressing on fraudulent websites in order to steal user accounts. Thanks to SecureDNS component the opened in browser website authenticity is not disputed.


One of avast! Pro Antivirus particular properties is the artificial intelligence unique technology DynaGen that is fundamental for it. Thanks to this property the antivirus is provided with all up-to-date functions and contains the most present-day components and tools for full operating system protection:
Antivirus scan — Avast! Pro Antivirus software contains several standard scan modes thanks to which the comprehensive coverage is achieved.

Quarantine — Gives an opportunity to completely isolate suspect files from operating systme.
Sandbox function — Allosw to work with websites and applications in system safe, isolated environment.


avast review
Among the software advantages, we can outline the following:

  • safety system setting up according to your demands possibility;
  • real-time computer protection; low resource-intensity;
  • well-considered and simple navigation; game mode occurence allows to play or brows game websites without any troubles or blockings;
  • mobile version installation possibility;
  • unlimited communication with friends and any website browsing; guaranteed safety when shopping or self-service banking;
  • user notification about utilised site doubtful reputation;
  • white safety application list formation; experienced specialists remote assistance considering antivirus funtioning.


Among all other things we can also outline some weaknesses of this product. It can be: curing infected fies failure; memory-resident viruses deleting possibility not applicable. However, these limits look insignificantly against all the advantages that Avast! antivirus possesses.