Avast! free antivirus review

Avast! Free Antivirus – is one of the best antiviruses that serves for your computer protection from possible virus infection and from other malicious software threats. If using avast! right with other data backup utilites, the program significantly mitigates infection risk of your computer, in other words, it reduces important business and personal data loss possibility.

Avast! free antivirus features review

avast free features review
Maximally optimized virus protection core provides the best computer security.
Special browser plug-in Avast! WebRep blocks user passages to unwanted network resources.
File scan after user request, also automatic background scan according to the share COU load method.

Scanning types

As a rule, antiviruses give three main computer scan for threat detection variants — fast, full and selective. In this context, Avast! profitably differs from its analogues, because it gives way more multifold possibilities for threat determination. The standard scan type list is added with power-on scan, when the antivirus conducts its operations before main system components, including possible malicious processes load. Separately from the system, Avast! can conduct removable media -disks, USB flash drives, SD-cards, and other devices scan.

Threat neutralization

Antivirus avast! Free Antivirus removes detected threats only after scan process termination and waits user involvement in decision making, how it is better to deal with detected files.
Such democratic approach allows user to decide by himself how to deal with detected virus file. However the scan process is not intermitting in order to get the user’s answer, as other antivirus programs that provide blocking or deleting of threats in its detection moment.

Summing up…

Excessive suspiciousness, because of which Avast! Often blocks normal software, blocked filse extraction difficulties — these are not many disadvantages of new free Avast! Free Antivirus version. Its advantages will cover all its disadvantages over and above. There are way more advantages — friendly interface, simple and comprehensible partitioning, flexible scan settings, working and installation possibilities in safety mode, additional web-components and upgrade checking function, low system resource demand.
Avast! is a non-compromised protection level with low system resource demand.

Oficial website avast – www.avast.com