Bitdefender antivirus review

Bitdefender Internet Security is an integrated aintivirus with firewall and increased personal data protection.
Antivirus and antispy with effective engine provide malicious software security. New adaptive scanning technology allows to increase antivirus software speed and productivity.

Dual-sided firewall controls all computer internet connections and provides Wi-Fi connection security.
Multilevel web-protection includes phishing filter, malicious sites protection, secure search, isolated wed-browser and electronic wallet for secured online banking and online shopping. Parental control with webcontrol allows to block unwanted content and trace your children online activity.

bitdefender review

Bitdefender functional capabilities review

    This antivirus knows a lot, particularly it provides:

  • real-time protection — real-time screen checks all files when starting it, also when copying and replacing it. First of all it refers to files that were just downloaded from the Internet;
  • active virus control — this is an euristic application analysis. Antivirus surveilles running processes and programs;
  • intruder detection system — an euristic analysis of applications that try to get the internet and network services access;
  • proactive tecgnology B-HAVE — this technology allows the program to detect known threats and block them;
  • scanning during system downtime. Bitdefender decides when computer resources are being used minimally, and in this time starts system scanning. If during quick scanning virus activity signs are detected, the program activates full computer scanning;
  • HTTP scanning. Bitdefender web protection is one of the most reliable.


  • Autopilot mode allows to work with computer without interruptions and slowdowns, all protection functions are being performed automaticly;
  • spam filter high efficiency;
  • protected browser;
  • firewall effectively stands against direct targeted attacks;
  • social network security, privacy setting ups control.


  • Firewall default settings has some negative protection measures;
  • system performance average influence;
  • some difficulties with installation on infected systems;
  • functionally limited password manager.


Bitdefender Internet Security conducts the widest task range, and it does it without constant disturbing users requests and notifications. This is a big integrated antivirus, but its influence on the system turned out to be higher the average index. Anyway, this is a good choice for effective computer protection.

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