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Computer networking

  • Internal and external enterprise network
    Internal and external enterprise network

    Network Intranet (internal). Outsiders do not have access to the Intranet-corporate network without authorization and password.Access to them can only be accessed by the user as a privileged access to the..

  • Three types of VPN-networks
    Three types of VPN-networks

    Local area network (LAN, LAN) - a computer network covering a relatively small area generally or small group of buildings (home, office, company, institution).

  • Basics of networks
    Basics of networks

    Computer network – a set of interconnected stand-alone computers to work together on information, computer and other tasks.

  • What is a DoS-attack?
    What is a DoS-attack?

    One of the characteristics of today’s Internet trends is the growing number of so-called DoS-attacks (from the English. Denial of Service - Denial of Service ). By DoS-attacks by hackers lead, causing an overload of..

  • The Internet
    The Internet

    Externally similar to the Internet phone or telegraph network. However, the connection method is somewhat different.

  • Topology LAN
    Topology LAN

    The topology of a computer network refers to a way to connect its components (computers, servers, printers, etc.). There are three basic topologies: a star topology; ring topologies; shared bus topologies.