DELL XPS ONE 27:Windows 8′s touch screen features

DELL XPS ONE 27 With TOUCH SCREEN OPTION takes full advantage of Windows 8′s touch screen features.It’s at this point that you may find yourself moving back to a mouse or graphics tablet.

It is this aspect that we will now turn our attention to, investigating just how compatible it is with some of the key digital imaging programs on the market.

Adobe Photoshop only offers the most basic touch functions on the device. Currently, Photoshop does not recognise any multi-touch gestures, and treats any touch input as a simple left-click with the mouse. This slows productivity down when compared to a mouse or a graphics tablet. Also, the paintbrush and zoom tools only function when you start by clicking at a point outside of the image, which effectively makes this touch screen unworkable with Photoshop right now.

It fared better, however, with Adobe Illustrator. This software responds impressively to multi-touch zoom and pan, letting you explore the image as well as apply smooth freehand paint effects and line drawings. But even this was more awkward than using a mouse or graphics tablet. The nature of complex image-making software like Photoshop and Illustrator means that many functions are displayed at one time, and these need to be so compact that they’re very easy to miss when using touch, particularly when the screen is at an angle.

The stripped-back, uncluttered interface used in the simple apps we tested, such as Fresh Paint and Photoshop Express, worked best and felt very intuitive and creative. Perhaps for Photoshop to truly embrace touch, there needs to be the ability to switch with the click of a button to a more stripped-back version of the software – one with bigger, clearer icons that focus on Photoshop’s drawing and painting functions. This could then allow you to make the most out of Photoshop’s Brush tool and creative paint effects, and to really unlock the software as a freehand application.

Bar this obstacle, the XPS One 27 with optional touch remains one of the most powerful and impressive all-in-one devices on the market, which will handle Photoshop and other software with consummate ease. Delivering superlative visuals is assured, but the elephant in the room is whether the extra costs of a touch screen system can be justified. While industry-leading software and hardware remain out of touch, it’s hard to say yes.

With many apps still to be made available on the XPS One 27 with optional touch, here are some of the best already existing. Take a look at those that help photographers in the studio and show how Photoshop can take a step closer in evolving into a touch screen-compatible application with this device.

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