WE TAKE AN in-depth LOOK AT DELLS Flagship All-in-one TOUCH SCREEN COMPUTER And investigate How compatible it is With Photoshop
The XPS One 27 with optional touch screen is, by design, a very tactile all-in-one. With its sleek black screen and brushed metal frame, the urge to touch and engage with this computer is undeniable. Optimised for the Windows 8 touch interface, its edge-to-edge 27-inch display delivers one of the best touch screen experiences on the market, making it clear why it has become Dell’s flagship model.

The device is aimed at creative professionals who are happy paying a premium for a machine that has high performance and power without sacrificing style. The bright, crystal-clear 2550 x 1440px resolution screen makes it an ideal fit for photographers, designers and retouchers used to working with detailed images.

The varieties of XPS One 27 with touch all run with the latest 4th Generation Intel Core processors, which offer the speed needed to run Photoshop CC at a professional level. As well as being a great computer to create new work on, it also showcases images beautifully to clients. This is where the touch screen comes into its own, letting you smoothly zoom into massive resolution images and explore finer detail.

Here, the top-of-the-range model with a super-fast Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB RAM is put to the test. This is Dell’s latest all-in-one range, and it packs a surprising amount of power and functionality into such a compact unit. The XPS One 27 platform has been available for some time without touch, and its tough chassis has the stability needed for a touch device.

A sturdy build and resistant screen means the XPS One 27 with touch will stand the pressure of being poked and prodded by even the most heavy-handed of users. This makes the device’s weight very noticeable, which in fact is a good thing. Its solid brushed metal base anchors it to the desk and allows you to use the dual hinge articulating stand to position the screen, so that you can work naturally and creatively with touch.

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