How to block ads from Google Chrome

If you want to remove ads from Google Chrome automatically:

Why this program?
  • It removes browser ads absolutely. Right now.
  • It will protect your computer against similar add-ons in the future.
  • It provides professional real-time protection from trojans, rootkits, keyloggers and other computer threats.

In order to remove advertisement from Google Chrome it is enough to install adblock. For that purpose follow the add-on homepage and push Install.

After the installation pay attention to this program main icon by means of which we will make modifications if we want to add an advertisement filter on a new website!

Adblock add-on

block ads from Google Chrome

Let’s better familiarize with Adblock preferences, for this purpose push the «red hand» with right mouse button and pick «Configurations».

If you want block ads from Google Chrome: go to the «General» tab. You can see what preferences were set up by this program authors. If you want to make any modifications in configurations, just remove or put check on any option. The authors tried their best to make this add-on, as its preferences simple and comprehensible at maximum. For example, put check on «I like Google advertisement».
Now go to «filter list» tab. This option synchronizes advertisement blocking lists, with the result that many different websites are already clean from advertisement. If you visit foreign websites a lot, put check above countries which resources you visit most of all. It is better not to pick manuy lists, because it will slow down a little Google Chrome functioning. We recommend you to put checks where it is written «reccomended».
For download – adblock

Configurations tab

This tab is ment for advanced users and you will not need it for the majority of advertisement blocking. But we will return to it later.

How to block ads from Google Chrome with adblock

In order to show the adblock functioning, let us visit any website full of advertisement. Scrolling down the page a bit we see some flash banners with advertisement.

Press the left mouse button on flash banner and pick «block the advertisement on this page» option. Then click on the advertisement that you want to remove and draw the slider bar as far as the advertisement passes out of sight. If it will be rife with consequences you will see the warning. Now press «Looks good» → «Block».

How to unblock the advertisement

If you have blocked by accident an advertisement that you did not want to, you can unblock it at any time you like. For that purpose follow the configurations → «Configurations» tab → «Manual filter redactor». Press «Change». In this list you can see all the advertisement that was blocked. In order to bring everything back to its place, it will be enough just to delete a code part and to press «Save». The website name on which you have blocked a code part will be your guidebook. Check again → everything is back on its place.