How to remove ads from Safari

If you want to remove ads from Safari automatically:

Why this program?
  • It removes browser ads absolutely. Right now.
  • It will protect your computer against similar add-ons in the future.
  • It provides professional real-time protection from trojans, rootkits, keyloggers and other computer threats.

Let’s consider some metods with help of which it is possible to remove advertisement from Safari browser:

  • removing pop-up windows with Safari configurations;
  • Adblock add-on installation;
  • using antiviruses and advertisement blocking software.
  • Removing pop-up windows with Safari configurations

    If you need to remove only pop-up windows, follow the browser and on the upper right side find «Display Safari general cinfigurations menu». In dropdown list press «Block pop-up windows» option. If there is no such option, find «Configurations» lower and follow it. Then look for «Security» tab in the window, find «Block pop-up windows» option and put check against it. Window blocking functions, now let’s consider next method.

    Remove ads from Safari: Adblock add-on installation

    How to remove ads from Safari

    To install Adblock add-on for Safari, first of all you need to download it. You can do it after following the link: Adblock.
    Press «Download» button and download the add-on. Then install it. It is easy to install, click on the downloaded file and follow recommendations. Now the add-on has been installed znd you can see the icon on the upper left side. In order to set it up, click on it and pick «Settings» option. You will ne thrown to Adblock configurations, left «General» tab without changing, and put last check on «EasyPrivacy» in «Filter list» tab. Now everything is ready to block advertisement for 100%.

    Using antiviruses and advertisement blocking software

    In order to remove ads from Safari you can also use other software like antiviruses and advertisement blocking software (Adguard, Ad Muncher). But the only disadvantage of this method is that it should be installed directly to your computer and it will load you resources.

    Adguard add-on installation

    Probably Adguard is the best way to block and shut down advertisement in browser. In order to install it, start your browser and follow the link: Press «Open» button. Then press «Install». After the installation on the left side in control panel you will see an icon. In order to set up the add-on you need to press the icon and pick «Adguard configurations». Leave green buttons on and turn on in Phishing Filter «Phishing and malicious websites protection».
    If you use all methods described above, you can get a good result in advertisement blocking. Forget about advertisement once and for all.