Kaspersky Internet Security review

Kaspersky Internet Security is a powerful multifunctional antivirus software, designed for integrated compurter and user data protection from different virus threats.

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The application component kit includes file, mail and IM antiviruse, network screen, spam protection engine, potential vulnerability search tools, payment, websearch, activity monitoring security. Also the application possesses parental control, user program (firewall) control features, combative advertising lock module.

Installation and basic setting

Kaspersky Internet Security review

Installation procedure is behindhand in difficulty. The time required for installation can take from 5 to 20 minutes depending if there are NET Framework libraries requred version on the computer.
Initial Kaspersky internet security setting is made in automatic mode. After system information collection, the installation wizard will offer you to enter registration code or to activate trial version.

Kaspersky Internet Security review. Antivirus interface and general capabilities

Kaspersky Internet Security is supplied with comfortable module interface. Major program components access is provided by popup tab, placed in the working window bottom.
Four checking modes are supported — quick, full, selective plus removable media scanning mode. For unwanted mail protection, the advanced antispam module with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express integration is provided.


Unlike the most part of firewalls, Kaspersky Firewall uses the so-called belief degree system. In fact this is a huge database that contains the information about all kind of applications. Trusted applications get the full access to system resources, and dangerous ones will not be able even to start.

Parental controle

The component capabilities turn on the instant messaging client data surveillance and recording, contacts, unwanted websites access restriction imposing, application blocking and monitoring, game access restriction according to ESRB rating. Another useful parental control function is Outage, or «break», that allows to temporary block computer access in specific time periods. Remote monitoring and control can be referred to the program disadvantages.

Secure payments

Secure payments module is designed for electronic transactions and other important operations, conducted by user online protection. Upon that the security system checks if the website is fraudulent. For additional protection security facilities from keylogging and screen capture are used.