LG Pocket Photo Printer

The printer does not work on its own, i.e. you can’t plug a USB stick and instantly get the printouts. In order to get the printer to operate, you will have to download the LG Pocket Photo app from your respective app stores. The app is also a viable option if you’re looking to add some quick filters to your photographs before printing, which adds to the ease-of-use factor (though mostly all photo-apps have that these days). The quality of the prints we got was rather brilliant, though we found the tones to be a bit dark in all of the results. While the reproduction of details was phenomenal, we found that the prints could have retained the luminosity a little better. While checking it for speed, the printer took an average of around 8 seconds to switch on, including the 4 seconds needed to press it in order for it to trigger the boot. We also tried to gauge the time it took to produce prints; B&W images took an average of about 55 seconds to reproduce, which was slightly lower, at about 51 seconds, for coloured ones.

One thing which is a turn off is the cost involved; the printer costs a whooping ’14990, which is rather steep because pocket printers are not really a necessity a lot of people would want to invest in. Even if someone does plan to go ahead and invest all that money in a tiny printer, the blank pages it uses cost another ’1099 for 30 sheets, which is really expensive for an average user just looking to print, say, college group photos on the go. Not saying that the printer might not appeal to any other niche other than socially-active teenagers, but even professionals who need it for their daily printing needs might find the costs involved to be too high to work with.


As we said, the quality of the prints was amazing even though they were a bit dark, but given the high price LG might be missing out on a lot of other potential buyers who might find some utility in this easy-to-use, compact printer. The operation was smoother than most of the best photo printers in the market, and the product looks rather good too. If LG works on bringing the cost factor down in due time we think the LG Pocket Photo Printer might do extremely well, especially in an age where on-the-go is the need of the hour.

Look, body & feel rating

  • Firm grip and solid body

Performance rating

  • Rich in detail and tone, but prints were often darker than the original

Overall rating

  • Good print quality and ease-of-use, though the steep price can be worked on.