Malwarebytes Anti-Malware review

Initially MBAM was designed as a program for detecting and effectively neutralizing such malicious software that other antiviruses and antispies were not able to detect. But with the course of time it evolved almost into fully-featured antivirus software.

And today MBAM successfully figts against not only malicious, stealing confidantial information, ad and spy software, rootkits and keyloggers and so on, but also against ordinary viruses, trojans and worms.

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware review

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware review. Basic features

MBAM possesses a number of functions that make it effective in malicious programs computer protection. Such functions can be:

  • smart euristic analysis and detection, that allows to detect even the most resistant threats. The most indicative is that system resources are not essentially affected herein, despite many other euristic products;
  • instant scannong function — despite full and quick scanning, instant one analyses the most important areas — autoload and random access memory;
  • black list — the possibility to add to scanning exception specific directories, folders, files and so on;
  • Quarantine, i.e. the possibility to place suspected object into special isolated area;

Malicious website blocking — the function name speaks for itself, however sometimes it blocks many safe enough resources. In such cases thos function can be simply turned off temporary.

Program advantages

As program advantages we can mark the following:

  • very simple in use, starting from installation and configuration, out to threat elimination;
  • quick and accurate scanning;
  • it can be used with other antivirus software;
  • FileAssasin tool allows to delete blocked files, which is very useful for stuck in the system malicious programms removing;
  • real-time protection secures from malicious activity.


As many others, MBAM software has its minor disadvantagesю The program can’t cure infected files and objects, only two actions are available: placing an infected file into quarantine or its deleting. Another program disadvantage is archive scanning failure, i.e. scanner will not detect a virus in an archive, but if unpack the archive, scanner will find and delete an infected file.


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is fast, reliable and has low system resources consumption. It is a perfect addition to other antivirus software that have already been installed on you computer. MalwareBytes works perfectly both at infected and clean systems.