Microsoft security essentials antivirus review

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is a Microsoft free antifirus software application package that is designed for different viruses, spyware, rootkits and trojans software protection. This program works only with valid Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 computers.

Security level

Microsoft security essentials review

As an antivirus software, Microsoft Security Essentials offers several simple functions:

  • new scanning and threat detection system;
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer integration;
  • Windows Firewall integration;
  • network analysis system;
  • scanning and threat detection new system;
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer integration

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Internet Explorer integration system allows to detect threats remotely and by that prevent computer infection by means of the Internet. However, among users there are not so many users that use this browser and integration with other browsers is not provided for MSE.
Thinking objectively, this is a MSE antivirus huge minus.

Windows Firewall integration

The antivirus works together with standard firewall that increases the security area. But by a negligible margin, because Widows Firewall only holds back the fullscreen applications start, for example, games. So, the firewall integration function is inappropriate;

Network analysis system

This component works well by means of connection checking mode switching. This function is very useful and filled up the antivius perfectly;

Comparising with other antivirus software, MSE looks more wimple because of euristic analysis failure (which helps to detect viruses that virus definitions don’t have). However, despite that MSE, according to results, detected 98% malicious software from half a million, what looks convincing enough.


Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus interface is very attractive. Grey with green combination doesn’t strain eyes, and the interface itself is made laconically enogh, what simplifies the perception.

Microsoft security essentials antivirus review: Advantages

  • utilization elegancy;
  • laconic interface;
  • high-speed performance;
  • network monitor occurence;
  • free when using with license operating system.


  • useless functions;
  • euristic analysis failure;
  • low detection level.

MSE is a perfect softweare that saves from such kind of «headache». Simplicity, efficiency, unpretentiousness to resources — all that makes a perfect recipe for computer basic protection.