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  • Network Topologies. Bus Topology
    Network Topologies. Bus Topology

    All computers on the network are connected by lines of communication. Geometric arrangement of lines relative to hosts and physical connection to the network nodes called the physical topology.

  • What is a DoS-attack?
    What is a DoS-attack?

    One of the characteristics of today’s Internet trends is the growing number of so-called DoS-attacks (from the English. Denial of Service - Denial of Service ). By DoS-attacks by hackers lead, causing an overload of..

  • The Internet
    The Internet

    Externally similar to the Internet phone or telegraph network. However, the connection method is somewhat different.

  • Topology LAN
    Topology LAN

    The topology of a computer network refers to a way to connect its components (computers, servers, printers, etc.). There are three basic topologies: a star topology; ring topologies; shared bus topologies.