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  • The way to Remove Ask toolbar
    The way to Remove Ask toolbar

    Usually, Ask toolbar is incorrectly regarded as computer virus, simply because it’s deceitfully inserted with a lot of no cost programs. As a matter of fact, this particular software isn’t..

  • How to Remove Sweet Search
    How to Remove Sweet Search

    Generally, Sweet Search is mistakenly perceived as virus, because it is secretly installed with many free applications. In sober fact, this program is not malicious. The main aim of Sweet..


    Apple iPad The 4th-gen iPad still stands above all tablets, with an amazing screen that renders everything in glorious 2048×1536 on its 9.7 in Retina display. The A6X chip’s quad-core..

  • Types of Wireless Networks
    Types of Wireless Networks

    System high-speed wireless data can be divided into two types according to the type of application: The first related to wireless local area networks. That is, it is the same all the..

  • Wireless Internet
    Wireless Internet

    Wireless internet can be divided into three generations of 2G, 3G and 4G in a separate category include satellite internet and Wi-Fi. 2G – uses GSM, DAMPS, GPRS and TDMA. Has no..

  • WWAN

    WWAN , ( Wireless Wide Area Network ) – a wireless wide area network , a type of wireless computer networks .

  • Types of Wireless home Networks
    Types of Wireless home Networks

    Standard circuit network based on “twisted pair”. Cheap, fast, affordable. This type of network is considered ideal. But recent years have increasingly having conversations about what the standard is time to retire.

  • Network Topologies
    Network Topologies

    Network topology – a way to connect to the same network of network devices, ie Network topology describes the cables and devices, as well as routes that serve to transmit data.

  • Internal and external enterprise network
    Internal and external enterprise network

    Network Intranet (internal). Outsiders do not have access to the Intranet-corporate network without authorization and password.Access to them can only be accessed by the user as a privileged access to the..

  • Three types of VPN-networks
    Three types of VPN-networks

    Local area network (LAN, LAN) - a computer network covering a relatively small area generally or small group of buildings (home, office, company, institution).

  • Basics of networks
    Basics of networks

    Computer network – a set of interconnected stand-alone computers to work together on information, computer and other tasks.