Photoshop CC: 3D section

Within the 3D section of Photoshop lie a few new features worth mentioning. The first of these is the ability to now delete and duplicate instances of an object within the 3D environment.

This means that we can copy an object and any changes now made to the parent will then be automatically reflected on the duplicates.

The second enhancement is to 3D painting, that enables a live cursor preview of the 3D object and the texture template. This is a great tool for both 3D artists and those dedicated to texturing as you have an immediate update on how the texture relates to the mesh.

You can now automatically unwrap a 3D object into a wireframe layer, therefore providing the texture coordinates that show you where you are painting on both the object and the corresponding UV template, a great asset when trying to remove seam lines on a mesh.


Synching of settings and preferences
Sharing between multiple devices
Inclusion of Behance and ProSite
Subscription based payment will not appeal to everyone
Monthly charges may increase Overall, the main benefits to Creative Cloud are that it caters to a more fluid and dynamic workflow.

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