Remove ads from firefox

If you want to remove ads from Firefox automatically:

Why this program?
  • It removes browser ads absolutely. Right now.
  • It will protect your computer against similar add-ons in the future.
  • It provides professional real-time protection from trojans, rootkits, keyloggers and other computer threats.

Let us consider the case when advertisement appears right after browser starting. Most of all such king of advertisement begins to annoy us as a result of virus penetration into our system. What exactly does this virus? All Windows operating system programs start through special file with *.exe extention and it doesn’t metter what this program is — a small utility program or a huge professional application like, for example, Microsoft Office.

Check your shortcut and exe file configurations

Remove ads from firefox

A shortcut that we press in order to start a program refers to this very exe program file. Click on the browser shortcut with right mouse button and pick «configurations». If there are no shortcuts to start browser on the desktop, in this case go to C:\Program Files and find browser Firefox folder.

In «Shortcut» tab find «Object» line. In the field against it in inverted commas a file adress on which refers the shortcut is indicated. The executable file should be named as «firefox.exe».

Besides the file name you should make sure that the shortcut refers to exe file. It happens that near the browser executable file «firefox.exe» a file with the same name but with another extention «firefox.url», for example, is placed. Such very files are created by viruses and to them your shortcuts can refer. If it is so delete this file, then enter shortcut settings again and write the correct adress which this shortcut should refer to.

This is the main method how to remove ads from firefox, but if it didn’t help you, let’s consider another reson.

Advertisement demonstrating add-ons shutdown/deleting

Now you need to see installed applications/add-ons list in your browser. Sometimes this kind of add-ons appear in browser without your permittion and they control unknown banners and links appearance. For this purpose enter «Add-ons» and then pick «Applications» option.

After you followed the installed applications list, look the list carefully for unknown applications. If there are such applications, shut down or delete it.

If you have found a plug-in that was displaying advertisement in your browser, you will also need to check installed programs with the same name. For this purpose enter «Control panel» through «Start» menu and pick «Programs and Features».

Remove ads from firefox with addons

You also can get rid of advertisement with different add-ons help: adblock, adguard, and others. In this case it will be enough to enter «Tools» line in «Add-ons» tab, enter the add-on name in search bar and install it on your browser.