Remove ads from Opera

If you want to remove ads from Opera automatically:

Why this program?
  • It removes browser ads absolutely. Right now.
  • It will protect your computer against similar add-ons in the future.
  • It provides professional real-time protection from trojans, rootkits, keyloggers and other computer threats.

At this moment there are several methods of remove ads from opera good. Well, almost for good. Let’s consider in details two advertisement removing methods for Opera.

How to remove ads by changing Opera settings

As a rule the most part of pop-up advertisement is realised by java scripts. If you shut browser scripts down, the advertisement will dissapear by itself. (Important: with java scripts shutting down the most part of present-day websites functioning will disappear. So this method is not the most preferable from existing ones).

Remove ads from Opera

Use «Opera» menu in upper left window corner and follow next tabs: «Configuration» → «Global configuration». These actions equvalent will be CTRL+F12 hot keys combination.

In the opened «Configurations» menu follow the last «Extended» tab, then pick the forth option «Contents» in the left column. You can see four menu options where you need to remove check against «Run JavaScript».
In the same «Configurations» menu go back to the «Main» tab and set up default browser actions for pop-up windows. In pull-down menu pick «Block unsolicited» command.
Apply settings pressing «OK» button and enjoy that you managed to remove advertisement in your favourite vrowser.

Using advertisement blocking software

A second advertisement blocking in Opera variant predefines special software installation. In some cases it is more convenient than java blocking in browser settings. Among different advertisement blocking software, we consider the functioning of the most simple one — Adblock. It can be downloaded from file sharring websites or installed through Opera menu.

Use Opera menu in upper left window corner and follow next tabs: «Add-ons» → «Add-ons controller». Also you can do it pressing CTRL+SHIFT+E keys combination.
Press «Install» button and go to Opera special menu. On «Opera Add-ons» page a useful add-ons wide variety is presented. Enter software name in upper right corner in «Add-on search» field. Pick the appropriate add-on and install it pressing green field «Add to Opera». Then the system will install picked program automatically and you only need to keep working with browser nominally.


We considered two unwanted advertisement removing methods working with Opera. Each of these methods doesn’t demand special knowledges in software engineering field, it takes several minutes of user’s time and is completely safe for your computer functioning.