Remove(block) advertisements from Internet Explorer

If you want to remove ads from Internet Explorer automatically:

Why this program?
  • It removes browser ads absolutely. Right now.
  • It will protect your computer against similar add-ons in the future.
  • It provides professional real-time protection from trojans, rootkits, keyloggers and other computer threats.

Site owners start to monetize their resources more often, but some of them do it right without damaging the site, and others fill every inch of it up with advertisement. Sites with lots of advertisement and other elements use more traffic and thus loading slower. And as it bothers the visitors majority they start to look for ways to get rid of this problem.

Methods that you can use for Remove advertisements from Internet Explorer:

  • Tracking protection (Easylist) with browser preferences.
  • Using Adblock Plus add-on.
  • Tracking protection (Easylist) with browser preferences
    • This function was added in version 8 or 9 so the browser has the ability to remove advertisement. Everything will function only after the Tracking Protection List (TPL) setting up. But first you need to set up the protection.

      For this purpose go to the browser, on the upper right side find «Service» line and press on it (you also can use Alt+X hot keys). In the list pick «Security» option and then «Turn on tracking protection». The protection is on and now you need to download lists from the website.

      Follow «» to download lists. Here you can find all lists that are aimed to control haunting elements. You need only to install it and that’s all. In order to add a list you only need to press Add button. The tracking protection you have turned on earlier, so everything should function.

      Using Adblock Plus add-on

      Remove advertisements from Internet Explorer

      Download Adblock for block advertisements from Internet Explorer – oficial website . Then press «Install for Internet Explorer», and then save and start the installation file. In order to start the installation you need to have administrator permission. Run the file that you have downloaded; pick «Yes», if user accaount control window appears and press «Install». Wait for installation termination. The setup wizard doesn’t offer you any options so the process is very simple. In the end press «Done».

      Download Adblock for block advertisements from Internet Explorer – oficial website

      The add-on functions very well, but it has some disadvantages. First of all, Adblock Plus doesn’t work with Internet Explorer touch version. In works only with desctop browser version. The add-on perfectly cuts all advertisement but provides poor preferences quantity. You can use only one filter list and it is impossible to add your own lists manually. And it is impossible to block only specific advertisement on the website. For the rest, Adblock Plus functions without problems.
      Generally these are the most accepted advertisement removing from Internet Explorer rules.