Removing malware from Windows XP

To remove malware from Windows XP at first you need to eliminate problem causes with antivirus or antispy software. After that you need to remove malware from the system and recover consequences of virus presence in the system. For this purpose you need to follow next steps.

Removing malware from Windows XP. Hard drive cleanup

To clean up the hard drive you need to open Disk cleanup tool following Start → All programs → Accessories → System Tools. In opened window pick disk C and press Ok. Check Downloaded Programs Files, Temporary Internet Files, Recycle Bin, Temporary
Files then press Ok twice.
Attention — if the calculation sopped and nothing happens for more than 20 minutes, it is possible, that the problem is in bad hard drive sectors. If there are bad sectors, computer deadlock happens both when PC is running, and when Windows is being installed.

Removing malware from Windows XP

For this purpose you need:

  • close all opened files;
  • press with left mouse button Start and My computer;
  • in My computer window click with right mouse button on disk title and press Preferences;
  • in Preferences window click with left mouse button on Services;
  • press Perform checking;
  • in Disk checking window undo Scan for and attempt to recover of bad sectors.
  • Windows XP unused components removing

    These components use more computer resources. You need to open Change or Remove Programs, that you can find in Start → Preferences → Control Panel → Add or Remove Programs. In opened window remove checks from unused Windows XP components. Put chechks on: Accessories and Utilities, Internet Explorer, Networking services, Outlook Express, Windows Media Player, Update root sertificates.

    Build up damaged Windows XP. dll files

    In Start menu press Run, type in Open window «cmd», them press Ok. Now type «sfc /purgecache» and press Enter. There should appear the following: Windows File Protection successfully made the requested change.

    Create new system point and remove previous ones

    Go to Start → All Programs → Accessories → System Tools → System Restore, pick Create a restore point, Next, type the status point: Good status and press Create. Then press Start → All Programs → Accessories → System Tools → Disk Cleanup, pick disk C and press Ok, the calculation is in process, on the upper side of opened window press More Options and on the bottom side of the window where it’s written System Restore, press Clean Up, then Yes → Ok → Yes.
    All the manipulations should be performed in accordance with the procedures laid down.