Setting Up Quick Controls for MIDI Controllers

Use Quick Controls to speed up mapping MIDI continuous controllers to parameters

  1. The simplest place to start is perhaps with the Quick Controls tab on a MIDI track. Below the buttons at the top of the tab are eight barely visible slots. Click on one of these and a drop-down list will appear that shows all the parameters that can be mapped.
  2. For a MIDI track this includes standard MIDI CCs as well as MIDI Modifiers, Inserts and Sends. In this case go to the ‘All CC’ section and choose ‘CC1 (Modulation)’. Moving this slider will now generate the same message as when you tweak a keyboard’s Mod Wheel.
  3. Slider movements can be recorded and played back using the Automation Read/ Write buttons at the top of the Quick Control tab. Notice that although this is a MIDI track the Modulation data is not being recorded into an Event, but rather as a separate automation lane.
  4. Audio or Instrument tracks will automatically add all the associated plug-in’s parameters to the available list. Steinberg plug-ins come with a default set of QCs, which can be edited, though plug-in parameters can be easily added using the ‘QC Learn’ mode (or ‘Add X to Quick Controls’ in the case of VST3 Steinberg plugs).
  5. External controllers can be pre-mapped to the eight Quick Controls in the Device Setup window. Enable ‘Learn’ mode and click on each QC in turn whilst moving the relevant knob/slider on your hardware.