Snapseed. Swipe Your Way Through.

Whether Snapseed satisfies the photo editors and the filter lovers amongst us?

Snapseed is a great app as it allows users to play with and control the intensity of the various effects.

There is practically no count of the number of apps that have emerged recently to simplify editing photos on cellphones. But, never before has an app successfully combined great editing tools along with efficient filter application, all under one roof.

Giving the User Complete Control

Nik software, Snapseed’s creator, has put the click and slide approach, which is reminiscent of its proprietory Viveza plugin. However, it took me a few tries to get used to the gesture-based controls. Once I got the hang of it, I discovered that the app offers 14 adjustment tools. Each tool further branches out into different options which can be accessed by simply swiping horizontally or vertically, allowing users to control the intensity of the effect.

Taking Care of the Finer Details

The truly revolutionary feature of Snapseed is the Selective Adjust tool. If you want to change the contrast of the sky; you can select it and make the change without disturbing any other element. For instance, a bird flying across the frame or a tree branch extending into the sky would remain unaffected by the contrast adjustment you make to the sky Additionally, original and edited versions of the image are saved separately.

So, you can compare the edited photo to the original one by simply tapping on the image.

Not Without a Few Compromises

On Android, the app supports a maximum resolution of 8MP. Considering that some of the flagship cameraphones have a higher resolution than this, using Snapseed does not allow you to get the best out of the camera. This limit is something that we hope the app will increase soon. Also, some users will find it a little confusing to navigate the app since most of the options are hidden within various tools.

Ultimately, Snapseed is one of the few apps that give you control over easy, yet nuanced editing, while at the same time, being free, so it is a pretty good choice.


SPECIFICATIONS: Android: Needs Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher; iOS: iOS 5.0 or higher, works on iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5; Free to download

WHAT WE LIKE: Selective Adjust tool, a wealth of adjustments and filters

WHAT WE DISLIKE: No Noise Reduction tool, no desktop version available

WHY BUY IT? For a hands-on and and in-depth photo editing experience on a phone


FEATURES: Separate tablet version, but only 8MP supported on Android 22/25

PERFORMANCE: No postprocessing artifacts, seamless photo editing 28/30

EASE OF USE: Confusing in the initial stages, a breeze after that 32/35

SPEED & RESPONSIVENESS: The swiping controls make it quick and fast to use 8/10

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