The Internet

Externally similar to the Internet phone or telegraph network. However, the connection method is somewhat different.

When you call on the phone, the device is directly connected to the cable station, the station attached wire going to the other station, and that in turn connects the wire going to the phone, which was addressed to the call. Are solid physical connection of the two named points (for example, A and B) in the space. Its main disadvantage – your phone is attached to the outlet. If you take your machine and turn into a different wire to you, no one can get through, because Other outlets – it is not a point A (and C, for example).

What is different from sending messages over the Internet, because the computer is also connected to the first station?

Sends a coded message to the Internet computer in a series of electrical signals and are marked with a code of the recipient and the sender , in the end formed as a e-mail (package ) with a direct-addressed. From your computer, letter received by the server, the server checks the destination address with the special address table and defining server closest to it on the way to the right side, sends a letter there. This procedure is repeated as long as the packet reaches the destination. Computers sender and recipient can be physically anywhere. On the Internet, they are defined by IP-address.

Why the Internet is not connecting subscribers continuous electrical wire, it encodes a message into packets and transmits them from station to station. This connection method is called logical . He certainly slower than a physical connection method when sending a dial tone, but it still comes in a different package in the world in a fraction of a second. The answer comes in the same manner, and we communicate, not noticing the delay.

The logical method of communication has obvious advantages. For example, the route of writing can take on any compounds that were free. For example, if on the one line problem occurred or heavy network load, the two parties live in one continent can communicate through the other without knowing it. Moreover, the package can go through Australia, the answer to come through Africa, and the following letter to send any third way.

Currently, the Internet is used almost all the known low-speed link from the phone lines to high-speed digital satellite and fiber optic channels. The operating systems used on the Internet, also vary. Most computers on the Internet are running OS family Unix.

In fact Internet is composed of many local and global networks owned by different companies and businesses connected by various links. Internet can be thought of as a mosaic composed of smaller networks of varying size, which actively interact with each other, sending files, messages, etc.

Now the Internet is a global computer network, the task of which, like any other computer network – is the transfer of data from one computer to another.

The main property of the Internet is that if the network connects a new subscriber, then it becomes accessible information across the network. In contrast, all other subscribers Internet becomes accessible information and resources of the computer.

Feature of the Internet is that in fact the Internet, as a global computer network of the world, does not have an owner, ie it or who do not belong. Although separate computer networks that are connected to the Internet, have their particular owners.

Internet is based on the idea of the existence of multiple independent networks of arbitrary architecture. This is possible due to the so-called principle of open network architecture . It lies in the fact that the Internet does not impose any specific requirements under ¬ cluded computer networks. The user himself determines the form of its own network and the method of its technical implementation. Ie he can choose any network configuration and any software. Because of this, almost all the networks that operate in the world, you can easily connect to the Internet.

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