Tips for internet safety

Following behavior rules in digital space is very important for your and your family security in the Internet keeping. Follow next main rules for providing your devices, informayions and family member protection when connecting to the Internet.

Tips for internet safety: Protect your computer

Tips for internet safety

Constantly update your software (including web-browser), using Microsoft Update.
Install valid antivirus and sntispy software, such as Microsoft Security Essentials.
Firewall should always be on.

Install password protection on your wireless router.

Do not inject unknown flash drives (or USB flash drives) in your computer. If there is a virus on it, this virus can infect your computer.

Good Tips for internet safety: Before opening the attachement or following the link, attached to electronic mail message, instant message or in social network, make sure that it was a sender who really mailed the message.
Do not follow links and do not push buttons in pop-up messages that seem suspecious to you.

Provide your secret personal information security

Before entering your secret information into on-line form or on the website, pay attention to occurrence of such attributes as web-site adress beginning with https qualifier and an icon in the shape of a closed lock near with the adress barm that indicates secured connection.

Look at friendship invitations in social networks selectively. From time to time analyse who has the access to your profiles, also look through the information that these users post about you.
Don not ever leave your secret information in answer to electronic mail message, instant message or social network.

Use strong passwords and keep them in secret

Make passwords made of long phrases or propositions and containing small, capital letters, numbers and symbols combination. Use different passwords for different web-sites, especially for those, where your financial information is kept..
With different password checking systems help find out how strong your passwords are.

Speak to your children about security when using the Internet

In order to take Internet security providing complex measures, train your kids and control their activity in the Internet. Negotiate about strict rules of web-sites and games surfing in the Internet, relying upon the age of your children and family values. Pay attention to your children activity in the Internet and who they are communicating with.
These tips and safe networkking providing tools will be useful not only for beginners, but also for experienced users.