Topology of “star”

Topology of "star"The network was built on the topology of “star” each workstation connected cable (twisted pair) to the hub or hub (Hub) . Concentrator provides parallel computer and, thus, all the computers connected to the network can communicate with each other.

The data from the transmitting station in the network is the hub for all communication links to all PCs. Information comes to all workstations, but received only stations which it is intended. Since the transmission of signals in a physical star topology is a broadcast, ie signals from a PC are released simultaneously in all directions, then the logical topology of the network is a logical bus.
This topology is used in local area networks with the architecture of 10Base-T Ethernet. Advantages of star topology networks:

  • easily connect a new PC;
  • a centralized management;
  • network resistant to faults of individual PCs and upon disconnection of individual PCs. Disadvantages star topology networks: 
  • hub failure affects the entire network;
  • high consumption of the cable;
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