Types of Wireless Networks

Types of Wireless NetworksSystem high-speed wireless data can be divided into two types according to the type of application:

The first related to wireless local area networks. That is, it is the same all the familiar LAN, but without the wires. Users in such networks using their computers or terminals equipped with wireless adapters to access the network, and enjoy all the services of your local network, but it has additional features compared to its peers, connected by wire. The most important of these advantages – mobility.

The second type of wireless equipment is designed to solve very different problems. Summary – to provide users in regions with poor infrastructure communication modern quality digital communication. Simply put, to provide users with high-speed Internet access and voice services in areas where there are no wires. In these systems, the user performs an entire organization or its affiliate with their local networks and other infrastructure, and wireless devices they use for communication services from your operator. At the same time build such a network, first of all, the operators.

Infrastructure to solve such problems, called high-speed fixed wireless networks.

Wireless networks can be classified according to the technologies that are used for solving various problems. This classic WLAN, supporting a family of standards IEEE 802.11, and specialized equipment, based on some other standard, for example, UWB, and private decisions of individual firms. There is also a European standard HiperLAN, HiperLAN II and many, many others.

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