Types of Wireless home Networks

Types of Wireless NetworksStandard circuit network based on “twisted pair”. Cheap, fast, affordable. This type of network is considered ideal. But recent years have increasingly having conversations about what the standard is time to retire. Today in fashion mobility. That means the wireless network. There are several types of wireless networks: 
WI-FI and WiMAX (4G) 
about three years ago began to use the network WiMAX. This network will communicate with other computers. However, not only with computers. There are external hard drives, peripheral devices with integrated WI-FI. Some owners are reluctant to refuse desktop from wired networks. In their words, WI-FI as fast as wired networks, and security is poor. 
Currently, there are several types of WI-FI, which differ in the data rate, and in the zone. There are several types of standard Wi-Fi networks: 
Standard Data transfer rate (max), Mbit / s 
802.11b 11 11 Mbit / s 
802.11g 54 54 Mbit / s 
802.11n 200 200> Mbit / s 
In fact, the data rate in WI-FI is far from theoretical. Of the traffic used to pass overhead, the speed depends on the distance to find a PC to each other and the obstacles – such as a concrete wall.Average speed: indoor 100-150 meters outdoors and 500 meters. 
To arrange WI-FI network, you need: 
A router with a built-AP. 
, wireless card, you must have each of the network. 
Expressway Network WiMAX. Theoretical coverage is 60 miles in practice about 10 km. Speed ??is 20 Mbit / s. Which is not bad. 
GPRS networks 
currently operating in Russia slowest standard GPRS.Skorost data comes to 100Kbsek. At the moment only use GPRS in Russia around the world prefer the 3G networks. 
3G network 
3G network initially used military ordinary people has become available only recently. 3G GPRS network significantly bypass the speed and quality of the traffic signal on 3G up to 89 Mbit / s. In Russia, the situation is worse. 1.5 years ago, the rate is less than 3 Mb / s. Now the network is gaining popularity among users. ISPs offer is available up to 14 Mbit / s in the future rate will increase.And using military. 
This kind of wireless networks is the most common. He is everywhere. BLUETOOTH is used not only PC users. Modern mobile phones have the function of data transmission via BLUETOOTH channel. In BLUETOOTH, there is one significant drawback. Distance data does not exceed 10 meters. And the speed reaches only to 100Kb/sek.

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