What is adware

Adware is an unwanted software containing advertisement. As a rule, adware is supplied with other free or shareware programs. Hereinafter when using software the advertisement is forcefully shown to user. Some adware components are usually hidden which complicated its removing process. Also advertising systems can collect the information about the computer and its user:

  • computer IP adress;
  • installed operating system and internet browser version;
  • user’s hotlist;
  • search requests;
  • other data that can be used when following advertising campaign are being performed.

How adware gets into user’s computer

What is adware

With free or shareware programs

Adware can legally enough form a part of some free or shareware programs as an advertising component. Profits from such advertisement help to finance their development.

With infected websites

Infected website visit can cause nonauthorized adware installation on your computer. For this purpose malware technologies are often used. For example, browser vulnerability and trojan software that is designed for adware unwitnessed installation can be used for entry into computer.

How adware affect computer functioning

Pop-up advertisements durong websites browsing and computer general use. It annoys and in some cases system performance.

How to protect yourself from adware

Before you are able to protect you computer from adware, make sure that you have deleted all advertisemet components that have already been on your computer.

  • Initiate antispyware and antiadware software update.
  • turn on the antispyware and antyadware software immunization.
  • Make sure that your operatng system, browser and your mail program are updated in order to eliminate vulnerability appearance in it.
  • Turn on your firewall during Internet usage.

Adware removing

There are many reasons to suspect that adware, detected by an antivirus software, constituates a threat. For example if you haven’t agreed for software installation and have no idea about its origin. In this case antivirus software will help you to remove this adware.

Many free or shareware software stop displaying advertisement after its registration or acquisition However in some programs third-party adware is used. Sometimes such utilities remain installed on the user’s computer after program registration or acquisition. In some cases adware removing can cause software functioning failure.