What is hijacker

Hijacker is a malicious software which main objective is to change internet browser settings and behavior. Many antivirus software vendors refer hijackers to trojan software.

Hijackers objective

What is hijacker

Most of all hijackers are used to change:

  • browser homepage — a homepage is changed for hijacker vendor homepage;
  • browser search system settings (this settings are held in register). As a result, when pressing «Search» button the
  • installed hijacker software adress opens;
  • browser safety degree and settings;
  • browser adress list («Favourites») modifications.

Hijackers also can weaken your browser security system that leads to infection with other viruses if you don’t delete this malicious software in due time.

Hijackers entry methods

Hijackers enter the system with the same way as trojan software does: through messaging services (e-mail, for example), through file sharing websites, data medium, through security flaws or it can be downloaded by user himself from adresses received in one of the listed ways. So be careful when you download files from file sharing websites, receive suspecious letters and plug in borrowed USB device into your computer.

How to prevent hijackers infection

In order to prevent system infection with hijacker software, you need to follow next rules:

  • do not download and do not run files from suspecious websites;
  • do not follow suspecious links that you received by e-mail or in social network messages from a friend (whose profile or e-mail can be hacked) or a stranger;
  • scan USB devices for viruses before start working with it;
  • do not forget about antivirus, firewalls and other computer malware security systems.

Hijacker removing methods

If hijacker has managed to enter your system and antivirus can’t detect it you can try to find and delete it manually. You only need to:

  • reboot your system, hold F8 key before Windows logo appearance. If it appeared enter the system and try the procedure again;
  • enter safe mode with network support;
  • then activate task manager with CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys combination, in Process tab find and turn off processes relevant to hijackers;
  • open Control Panel in Start menu, pick Add or Remove Programs, find and delete programs relevant to hijackers activity.

Manual hijackers removal is recommended only for experienced users. So if you can’t make it, have recourse to professionals.