What is keylogger

Keylogger is a software which purpose is a keypress covert monitoring and its journalizing.

Keylogger types

All keyloggers can be conditionally divided into hardware and software. Hardware keyloggers are small devices that can be attached to keyboard, wire or base unit. Software ones are specially written programs designed for keypress tracing and journalizing.

Keyloggers transmission mode

What is keylogger

In general, keyloggers transmission modes are not really different from other malicious software transmission modes. The following methods can be distinguished:

  • when opening file attached to email message;
  • when running file from directory in peer-to-peer network shared acces;
  • with script on websites that use internet browser peculiarities allowing programs to start automatically when user enters this sites;
  • with previously installed malicious software that can download and install other malicious programs in a system.

How dangerous keyloggers are

Unlike other malicious software types keyloggers are totally safe for system. However it can be extremely dangerous for user: with keyloggers passwords and other private information that user enters with keyboard can be stolen. As a result a violator finds out codes and electronic payment system account numbers, passwords to online games profiles, adresses, logins, passwords to email systems and so on.

Protection methods

The most part of antivirus companies add existing keyloggers to their bases and its protection methods are not different from those of any other malicious software: install antivirus software and keep its virus definitions in current status.
As the main objectove of keylogger utilising is stealing private information, the unknown keyloggers protection methods are the following:

  • one-time password utilising / multi-factor authentication;
  • proactive security system designed for program keylogger detection utilising;
  • virtual keyboards utilising.

Keylogger removing

If a keylogger has managed to enter your system, you need to remove it. For this purpose you need to install Advanced Spyware Remover. This program checks registry for keylogger keys. After the installation start system scanning. Remove all files detected by program.
To remove keyloggers you can alos use other antispy software with updated virus definitions.