What is Malware

Malicious software (Malware) is a computer software or a pertable code that is designed for computer system information threats realization or for system resources improper use, or for other impact, that hiners computer system normal functioning.

Malware types

Malwares can be network worms, classic file viruses, trojan software, hackish utility software and other software that intentionally damage the computer on which they start, or by other computers in the network.
Apart from the type, malwares are able to cause significant admage, implementing any information threats — integrity, confidentiality, accessibility violation threats.

Ways of malware penetration into the system

What is Malware
Local network
Viruses can locate in computer, having penetrated into it through local network. That is why it is recommended to acquire good firewall.

Flash driveas and diskettes
Before starting working with flash drive or diskette it is necessary to check it with antivirus scaner, because it can contain virus that would infect the computer after you start to work with files. Many computers are being infected in such manner.

Electronic mail
This is the one of the most popular way of infection. On your email you get a message with attached file. In the text is said about something interesting and is proposed to start attached file. Unexperienced users would do it and, as a result, their computer system gets infected.

Malware ways of protection

100% security from all malicious software doesn’t exist. In order to lower the loss risk from malicious software impact it is recommended to:

  • use present-day operating systems with high malicious software security level;
  • use antivirus software from reputed manufacturers with automatic with automatic virus definition update;
  • use personal Firewall controlling access to the Internet network;
  • do not open computer files downloaded from unreliable sources.

How to get rid of malware

If after all malicious software have penetrated into your system you need to do the following:

  • close the computer access to the Internet;
  • enter the system through safe mode;
  • delete temporary files;
  • start system scanning with an antivirus and delete/cure detected infected files.

After these manipulations all the malware should be deleted from the system. However, in order to prevent your computer from another infection in the future, you need to follow system malware protection rules and pay attention to your antivirus software update.