What is pop-up

Pop-ups are windows that suddenly appear without user authorisation. They can be of different size, they can appear in the upper browser side, right align middle, in the bottom side.

Pop-up types

Pop-ups can be:

  • useful;
  • relatively useful;
  • malicious.

Useful pop-ups are used for website custom programming: necessary tips, non-intrusive advertising, teaching information displaying.
Relatively useful pop-ups can offer you to subscribe for information of the website that you have just entered and that you don’t know yet. On such pop-up the closing button or word «Exit» can be so much covert that it’s impossible to find them and is very difficult to get rid of suddenly appearing pop-up.
What is pop-up

Malicious pop-ups can contain an attractive offer but it can lead to a website with malicious content. Such window can demand something threateningly from website visitor, for example, to enter phone number.
Unfortunately pop-ups are often used with malice aforethought, that is why it’s very often necessary to block these pop-ups.

Pop-ups blocking

You can block pop-ups both in browser settings and with additional software help.
Most of all in every present-day browser the pop-up blocking is always on, you only need to make sure if check is placed against this option. But opening blockage doesn’t work with script written in JavaScript language.
If your browser can’t manage with pop-up blocking you can use special programs allowing to shut down its appearance.
Adblock is rightfully considered as the most popular advertisement and pop-ups blocking plug-in. This add-on is the best «how to remove advertisement pop-ups» question solution, it is written specially for each popular web-browser and is installed as its application.

For security hardening it is very comfortable to use different firewall software, that watches following websites security, for example, Outpost Firewall.

Popular enough web-browser application No Script blocks JavaScript scripts. No Script appears in menu calling with right mouse button. It allows to block or to unblock JavaScript elements displaying for different websites.
If nothing helps and you are always being thrown to porno websites or other malicious sites, you need to check your computer for malicious software. There is a high probability of phishing link activity, that performs this redirection. You need to delete virus from your computer to eliminate the problem for good.