What is spyware

Spyware is a program that sends the information from your computer to any other one and it happens behind your back and withour your permission. The sending information can contain everything that is on your computer or is available from it. The most part of spyware is designed for sending your demographical information, for example, visited websites adresses or email adresses located on your computer disks.

What is spyware

Spyware enter your computer with different ways:

  • through holes in OS;
  • through email clients (with messages);
  • when installing different programs.

For spyware installation it needs user’s permission. So spyware creators hide them in other popular software. Intsalled programs use windows with certificates and licenses that users often don’t read. So user gives his permission to spyware installation without knowing.

Spyware types

Spyware can be of different types:
Adware — these spyware are designed to show unwanted advertisement. Browser homepage substitution, pop-ups in browser with differend advertising offers.
Hijacker is a kind of spies that make system reconfigurations unauthorized by user, more often in browser.
Keyloggers trace our keypress. What for? In order to find out, for example, your accounts and your electronic wallet passwords.

Screen Scraper make screenshots of your PC monitor screen and send it tou a violator.
Security Analysis Software — different small browser software that install spontaneously.

How to avoid spyware infection

For infection prevention you needd to install and set up a good firewall software, do not ever answer heedlessly on any computer requests, download software only from vendors’ websites and regularly check your computer for viruses, especially with automatically updatable antivirus. And always periodically and especially when any strange situations appear, control launched processes.

How to remove spyware

If a spyware has managed to enter your system you need to clean up your harddrive with antispy software. Launch antispy program, then start scnning mode in order to detect spyware. As soon as the program detects infection location, delete it from the system. Also it is very important to update antivirus software comstamtly, because new spyware appear every day. It is also recommended to scan your system periodically.
You can’t protect your system from spyware and viruses for 100%, but if you will follow above-described instructions, you can be sure that your computer is clean.