What is trojan

Trojan is a malicious software that is different from self-propagating viruses and worms by the thing that trojan is being distributed by violators. The most part of trojan software disguises as not threatening or useful programs, so the user downloads and installs it on his computer.


Trojan vendors objective is illegal penetration into user’s computer with special programs that find confidential information and send it to its creator or a virus distributor.

Trojan types

What is trojan

For general understanding, let’s consider several trojan types:
Trojan-PSW (PSW — Password-Stealing-Ware) is a trojan software that steals passwords and other important information, most of all infected computer system passwords.

Trojan-AOL is a trojan designed for AOL (AmericaOnline) network access code stealing
Trojan-Clicker is internet-clickers that invade internet resources functioning, websites for example.
Trojan-Downloader is a other malicious software delivery truck. Trojan-Downloader downloads and installs updated malicious software versions, advertising systems on the computer-victim.
Trojan-Proxy is a malicious software with which a violator gets the internet resources anonymous access by means of computer-victim.

Trojan-Spy is spyware. They watch infected computer user (wainting for the moment), fixing data entering from the computer, making screenshots, almost everything that user does.

How to avoid trojan infection

In order not to infect your system with trojan, you need to follow next rules:

  • install good integrated antivirus;
  • constantly check your computer for viruses;
  • do not download suspicious software;
  • do not press pop-up banners;
  • do not open suspicious links;
  • scan flash drives;
  • update your system and antivirus constantly;
  • turn on and set up your firewall.

How to remove trojan

If after all trojan has managed to enter your system you need to find and eliminate it. The easiest and the most effective way of trijan removal is to download curing utility and to cinduct scanning with the following detected trojan deleting. Then you need to enter the safe mode. Then start the downloaded file with the curing utility and to conduct deep scanning. After scanning termination you need to pick trojan removing against each detected object and to press «Delete» button. Then reboot your computer in normal mode and enjoy your computer without viruses.
You can make such manipulations once a week in order to check your antivirus reliability.