What is winlocker

Winlocker is malicious software that blocks or proves a stambling block to operating system and demands money transfer to violators for working ability recovery. Usually such virus enters the computer by means of the Internet where it keeps on different servers with «adult» content or free software.

Infection symptomes

What is winlocker

Winlocker infection symptomes are seen at once. When loading the computer, a screen saver appears on its display. It can be of any color, with drawing background or without it. Such screen saver always contains some text and a field for unblock code entry.

Avoiding winlocker infection

In order to avoid winlock system infection, you need to follow next rules:

  • refuse working with Internet Explorer. Use Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome browsers when wotking in the Internet, because Internet Explorer is more liable to winlocker virus attack;
  • Windows update in time. Watch your system constantly update, because with new updates system security intensifies that lowers infection risk;
  • antivieus software. Antivirus (real-time functioning if possible) will greately secure your system from inwanted software;
  • newer start executable files from unverified sources. Even if this file was attached to a letter sent by your best friend. Remember, this virus can send itself from infected computers.

Removing winlocker

If for some reason winlocker has managed to enter your system, you can delete it in the following way.
The most important — don’t follow violators demands. Remember that SMS cost can be of several dozens dollars no metter what is indicated in virus «interface». Almost in every case after SMS sending the promised unblocking code doesn’t arrive.
Use unblocking code selection online services on antivirus software vendors websites.

If this didn’t work, for the next method you will need «clean» computer with internet access. In the Internet download «Dr.Web CureIt!» from the official website. Go back to your infected computer, start it up in safe mode with command line support. In command line enter «explorer» command, then the file explorer window appears. Then plug in flash drive with downloaded program into the computer and copy the program to your harddrive. Start it up, answer all questions affirmatively. Wait until the program scans your computer for viruses and deletes them. If after rebooting your computer works as before viruses, it means that you have made out with the problem.