Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases

Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases

Want a big screen iPhone but don’t want to pay top dollar for an iPhone XS Max? A discounted iPhone 8 Plus could be the right bargain, and there are plenty of great case options to match.

Not only does the 8 Plus give you lots of iPhone screen real estate, but you get a dual-camera system with extra depth and telephoto lens power plus fun augmented reality features. But if you’re spending hundreds of dollars on a phone with a glass front and back, protect it with a case.

The iPhone 8 Plus deserves an ultra-cool case to keep it safe. Whether you’re looking for a very protective one or just something to prevent scratches, there are several options available. Not only does Apple makes its own line of cases for the iPhone 8 Plus, but many third-party accessory makers do as well. Here are our favorite cases.

5 Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases 2021:

1. OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox Defender Series

If you are in for a rugged case that protects your iPhone from all the corners and sides, OtterBox has something special for you. The Defender series is perhaps the best-rugged case you can get for the iPhone 7/8 Plus. The case comprises three layers – the inner shell, outer shell cover, and the screen protector – that makes your iPhone drop-proof. The port covers also protect your charging port from any dirt, dust, or lint from getting inside.

The holster, that’s on the back, also doubles up as a belt clip to help you hold your phone better and a kickstand for watching all those movies and TV shows without your phone falling. The different layers of the case are made up of different materials. It has a polycarbonate inner shell, a synthetic rubber slipcover, and the holster is also made up of polycarbonate. With the built-in screen protector, the case provides good overall protection to your iPhone.

  • Serious protection
  • Ample color options
  • Bulky

2. LifeProof Fre case

LifeProof Fre case

If protecting your phone is your number one priority when investing in a case, LifeProof’s signature offering looks to fit the bill with its colorful suite of cases.

By hugging around the back and securely over the iPhone 8’s front, it protects its fragile glass build materials on every front.

While the phone looks as much like an iPhone 6 as it does an 8 while covered, at least you’ll still be able to take advantage of all the new features, like wireless charging and the improved camera. The big downside is that this ruggedized case is nearly $100.

  • Available in a few colors
  • Matches phone design
  • Might not fit everyone’s taste
  • Expensive

3. Alpatronix Wireless Battery Case

Alpatronix Wireless Battery Case

The wireless battery case by Alpatronix not only supports charging the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus, but you can also charge it wirelessly using a Qi wireless charger. So even if your iPhone 7 Plus doesn’t have wireless charging support, you can essentially convert it into one using this battery case. The battery case has a 5000mAh UL-certified internal battery.

The case comes in two parts – the battery case and top tempered glass. This provides complete 360-degree protection to your iPhone and also the advantage of an extra battery that will last you for more than 24 hours. The case has a micro-USB port for charging itself, which can also be used to sync your iPhone to your PC. So basically, this makes your iPhone compatible with wireless charging (if not already) and micro USB as well.

  • Raised lip prevents screen scratching
  • Doesn’t totally mask phone’s design
  • Fairly bulky

4. Slickwraps Retro Apple Case

Slickwraps Retro Apple Case

Apple hasn’t always been the world-straddling behemoth it is now, and there was once a time when Apple was known for making kooky little Macintosh computers. While it’s unlikely any Apple fan would want a return to those days, some might miss the unforgettable style of those early machines.

This case from Slickwraps emulates those original machines, complete with beige styling and a rainbow-colored Apple logo. It’s made from hard polycarbonate with a soft TPU bumper, and should resist damage well. It also has a raised bezel to stop the phone from resting on harmful surfaces, and the button covers are large, easy to find, and protective.

  • Grip design
  • Will protect against scratches
  • Limited colors for iPhone 8

5. Spigen Tough Armor case for iPhone 8

Spigen Tough Armor case for iPhone 8

Spigen releases Tough Armor cases for plenty of phones, and this iPhone 8 case is much like them: improved protection over basic cases for a bit higher price, but nowhere near as expensive as others in this list.

The case has a flexible TPU body wrapped in a polycarbonate back, providing a little extra cushion between the ground and your phone than simple plastic cases. Plus, it’s got a little kickstand if you enjoy watching media on your iPhone 8.

What sort of case roundup would this be without the current king of the hill? Spigen is well-known for its range of uber-protective cases that add functionality as well as protection. But bigger doesn’t always mean better, and that’s why we’ve moved away from Spigen’s usual range to show you one of the case titan’s slimmer offerings. Spigen’s Air Cushion technology provides protection against outside hazards, bumps, and drops, while only adding 0.3cm of thickness to your slim iPhone 8 Plus.

  • Slightly complex protection
  • Kickstand
  • Likely won’t protect as well as pricier cases

iPhone 8 plus cases Buying Guide

Buying a case for your iPhone 8 Plus gives you peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry every time your iPhone takes a minor tumble, or that the glass back will get scratches if you rest it on your coffee table. Not to mention, if you ever wanted to save your iPhone to upgrade in a couple of years, keeping it clean and in mint condition will increase its resale value!


Q. What type of iPhone 8 case is best if I’m extremely active?

A. If you regularly go for runs, hikes, bike rides, or engage in other physical activities, choose an iPhone 8 case that offers the most protection possible. Look for a rugged shell or bumper case that’s made of metal or rubber to ensure that your iPhone is protected from falls, scratches, dirt, and other environmental dangers.

Q. Which iPhone 8 case material offers the best grip?

A. While your case can protect your phone in case it falls, we’d all prefer to avoid dropping it in the first place. Look for a style made of silicone or rubber to get the best grip. Some cases even have a textured surface that makes it even easier to keep a good hold on your phone.

Q. Can a case protect my iPhone 8 from rain and snow?

A. Some iPhone 8 cases are rugged and durable enough to be rated snow- and waterproof. In addition to withstanding inclement weather, some even protect your phone in several feet of water for a certain period of time. Cases that can protect your phone against weather, water, dust, and dirt are more expensive.